Windows & Glass

Whether you need an exterior window cleaning or hard water removal cleaning for your commercial space that includes the grills and screen we'll get the job done with our home exterior cleaning services. We provide free estimates and can make your windows look as good as new with our combination of cleaning and washing techniques.

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Window Cleaning

​One of the best times to consider window cleaning is right after the summer ends. We can come out and perform screen and window track cleaning, window/glass sealing, and window polishing to make your home look like it is new again.

Scratch Removal

Not only does A Clean Slate offer glass restoration and cleaning services; we also can repair glass through glass etch removal and glass scratch removal. The difference between etch removal and scratch removal is that an etch is something that appears to go beneath the surface of the glass while a scratch is external.

Hard Water Removal

Hard water accumulation not only becomes an eye sore making our windows and shower doors look dirty but it is also difficult to remove. We'll make your exterior windows and shower doors shine like new with our hard water removal services. 

Paired Services

We have found our customers often look to restore multiple parts of their home at the same time, from floors and carpet to showers, windows. and countertops. We are more than happy to accommodate when you make your request.