Shower Restoration

After years of use, tile and grout in your shower will likely start showing signs of mold and mildew that make it much less enjoyable to use. Scrub as you might, you may have trouble cleaning it completely without spending a lot of your time and money on countless products.

A lot of clients start looking at new tile when they plan a bathroom restoration, yet it is normally because they can't see how good restored tile will actually look. A well-executed tile cleaning or tile & grout shower stall cleaning tends to make the tile look new.

Here at A Clean Slate, we have developed a process that works very well in restoring all types of showers, from granite to tile shower stalls. We begin by doing a thorough shower cleaning and scrubbing all of the mold and mildew away from your shower and bathtub. We then focus on the shower tile and glass to complete the restoration process.